Harvey's Academy Of Driving | About
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Harvey's Academy Of Driving

The idea of starting a driver’s education school started out as a small endeavor and transitioned quickly into one of the state of Louisiana premier driving schools. Owner/Master Instructor Ronnie “Coach” Harvey has spent the last twelve years as a teacher/ coach in the Calcasieu Parish School System while most recently being promoted to Principal. Shavela Harvey Co-Owner/CFO has spent the last twelve years as a high school mathematics teacher while most recently being promoted to High School Mathematics consultant in the Calcasieu Parish School System.


The Harvey’s have a strong desire to help young people and are driven to go beyond the “Call of Duty” to make a difference in the lives of today’s youth! The Harvey’s are involved in several philanthropic endeavors in the local community and city while also co-chairing their own non-profit organization entitled H.E.L.P. which stands for the Harvey Educational Leadership Program. The Harvey’s are the proud parents of two beautiful twins Paytleigh Dare and Ronnie III. It is with our hearts that we can better art of driver’s education one student at time while “Making Driving Simple”.

Why Choose Us

  • We have taught thousands of students.  We have experience.
  • Classes are taught with humor, yet with the vital information that enhances learning
  • We teach students with effective proven methods that have obvious results.
  • 80-85 percent of our 38 Hour students pass the State Written Test the first time.  95% the second time.
  • 60-65 percent of our 14 Hour students pass the State written exam the first time. 85% the second time.
  • We offer shuttle service
  • We have a 99.5 percent favorable feedback from clients.
  • We are not perfect, but we are trying to be.


The mission of the Harvey’s Academy of Driving (HAD) is to promote a level of excellence in driver education and traffic safety professionals in the delivery of instruction to the novice driver. Harvey’s Academy of Driving believes that the delivery of high-quality instruction by driver education and traffic safety professionals will equip the novice driver with the skills to begin the lifelong learning process of driving safely.


The vision of Harvey’s Academy of Driving s to be actively involved and recognized in the great state of Louisiana as the leader in the delivery of driver and traffic safety education and to be included as an integral part of Louisiana’s driver safety plan.