Harvey's Academy Of Driving | Road Skills Testing
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Road Skills Testing

20-Minute Third-Party


PRICING: $50.00 ($40 Exam Fee & $10 Vehicle Fee)

Explanation of Class

Harvey’s Academy of Driving is licensed by Louisiana Department of Public Safety, Office of Motor Vehicles to conduct 3rd Party Road Skills testing for Class D & E Type Licenses. A passing score of 80% before the applicant can earn the certificate of completion for a road skills test.

Course Requirements

  • Testing requires you to be on time for your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will require us to cancel the appointment.
  • Students whom are physically and / or mentally handicapped must go to the DMV for their respective Road Skills Testing.
  • The Road Skills Test Fee is non-refundable.
  • Please call for available dates and times.

Age Requirements

Age 16:

  • Must have had your Learner’s Permit for at least 6 months before road testing with us. In addition, you must wait until the 6 months are complete before upgrading the permit to a provisional license to the DMV.

  • Must present applicant’s birth certificate and learner’s permit.

  • One parent (listed on birth certificate) must be present, and with their ID.

  • Parent must sign affidavit at the DMV, stating the teen applicant completed 50 hours on the road training (15 of which were at night) with a 21 years old or older licensed person.

  • Must present High School enrollment form to the DMV.

    Age 17:

  • May take immediately after completing a driver education course, present driving school certificate to us.

  • Must present applicant’s birth certificate.

  • A parent on birth certificate must be present and have their identification.

  • Must have High School enrollment form or diploma.

    Age 18 & Up:

  • May take immediately after completing required driver training course, and present driving school certificate to us.

  • Present State Approved Identification.


  • Registration is required for all courses. See the Registration page for more information.

  • As class size is limited, students who who do not register may not be able to attend the class of their choice.

  • Proof of age is required, so students are asked to come 30 minutes early.

  • Parents are encouraged to attend the check in and have any questions answered.

  • We require each student to read our POLICIES before completing your Registration info.

Course Dates

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